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Automotive, product, and watch designer. At the age of 21, I was appointed Chief Designer at Morgan Motor Company, where I gained recognition for designing iconic cars such as the Morgan Aeromax, Morgan Supersports, and the new Morgan 3-Wheeler. After my tenure at the Royal College of Art's MA in Vehicle Design program, I founded MHD Watches and Matthew Humphries Design Consultancy. Through my consultancy, I have collaborated with prominent clients, including Williams Advanced Engineering, David Brabham, and McMurtry Automotive.


  • Product Design

  • Automotive design

  • Watch design

  • Industrial design

  • Design Strategy

  • Design management

  • Sketching/ rendering

  • Design thinking

  • Brand development

  • Concept development

  • Procreate

  • Adobe photoshop

  • Cinema 4d polygon modelling

  • Keyshot rendering



BA Hons in Vehicle Design at Coventry University




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Phone                        07817680931





Company Owner, Matthew Humphries Design Consultancy 

Dates Employed Jul 2012 – Present

Employment Duration 12 years

Location Cheltenham / London


Matthew Humphries Design Consultancy (MHD) specializes in automotive and product design, catering to both small and large-scale projects.

MHD's primary objective is to guide clients through the entire project development process. This journey begins with rapid sketch ideation, moves through the initial design concept, and culminates in the manufacturing of a production vehicle in the most cost-effective manner. The design process is crucial as it helps to prevent expensive mistakes and enhances the value of the final vehicle.

MHD takes pride in collaborating with the right partners to fulfill each client's brief. These partnerships include specialists in alias modeling, CAD development, chassis development, carbon fiber, and other materials, as well as traditional coachbuilders and trimmers.

Clients MHD has worked with include:


  • David Brabham automotive,

  • McMurtry Automotive

  • Casmin Group

  • Williams advanced engineering

  • Tyrell supercar project

  • Tuthill Porsche

  • Cale’s tin shop

  • David Henry sports cars

  • Bristol Cars

  • Penso

  • Elemental sports cars

  • Aberlink

  • Motocargo

  • Alcraft motor company

  • Autocar magazine

  • Vertex watches

  • Private client commotions



Company Owner MHD Watches

Dates Employed Aug 2014 – Present

Employment Duration 10 years

Location Cheltenham / London


Automotive inspired watch by an automotive designer 

Established in 2014, MHD Watches are an independent British watchmaker who produce limited edition motoring watches for the car and watch enthusiast, inspired by automotive design, engineering, classic cars and motorsports.

MHD Watches have partnered and been the official timing partners for Shelsley Walsh Hill climb and Radical sports cars.

The brand has now produced 21 all new designs that have been sold globally and will continue with another 3 new products this year.

Head of Design

Alcraft Motor Company

Dates Employed May 2015 – 2022

Employment Duration 7 years

Location Silverstone


British start-up Alcraft is focused on developing low-carbon vehicles and technologies, committed to creating dynamic, design-led, high-tech, high-performance products.

While working for Alcraft, I took the GT concept car from initial sketches to production-ready engineering. I collaborated with Delta Motorsport to develop comprehensive exterior and interior A-surface work packages, integrating this with Delta Motorsport's chassis and packaging development on an all-new EV platform.


In the second stage of development, I managed the collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, which was tasked with creating an extendable skateboard chassis. This versatile chassis was designed to support the GT as well as two other vehicle variants: a Roadster version of the GT and a longer wheelbase four-seater.


Additionally, I have been a key member of the Alcraft presentation team, presenting to potential investors and financial groups. My presentations have covered the complete Alcraft brand, its engineering programs, and design ethos.


Design Partner (working 3 days a week in house)

McMurtry Automotive

Dates Employed September 2016 – April 2019

Employment Duration 2 years 7 months

Location Gloucestershire


McMurtry Automotive invents, engineers and develops electric vehicles to challenge conventions surrounding the automotive industry as well as holding the Record for the fast vehicle up Goodwood festival of speed.


I was approached by McMurtry Automotive at the inception of the company to serve as their design partner and play a key role in the briefing and development of their first road vehicle. The objective was to create an EV that was only 2.5m long and 1.3m wide, capable of achieving a 0-60 mph time of 3 seconds, a top speed of 120 mph, and a range of 150 miles, while ensuring safety, road legality, and high quality with NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) standards suitable for a road car.


Collaborating closely with the engineering and production teams, I guided the project from initial sketches to a fully operational, road-registered vehicle, overseeing all aspects of interior and exterior design. Given the compact size and challenging targets, it was essential to work in harmony with engineering and aerodynamics teams to meet the complex requirements. Additionally, I liaised with the investor and owner, David McMurtry, to ensure his engineering and design expectations were met.


I played a pivotal role in achieving an OEM-standard road vehicle, leveraging my experience to complement a team predominantly from motorsport backgrounds.

Consortium Partner/ Company share holder.

Head of design

Brabham Automotive

Dates Employed January 2015 – January 2017

Employment Duration 2 years

Location London


I played a key role in a consortium tasked with developing a Brabham production supercar, working closely with David Brabham as the brand partner. My responsibilities encompassed all areas of vehicle design, including both interior and exterior aspects, as well as maintaining the brand image.


I was instrumental in sourcing engineering and production partners to create a comprehensive design and build production plan, along with a Bill of Materials. I developed strategic partnerships with Penso Engineering, selected as the body-in-white design engineering and build partner, and Siemens, chosen as the powertrain partner.


The primary objective was to secure funding from family office investors in the Far East. To this end, we collaborated with Stanhope Capital, the largest family office in London, for investor introductions. Additionally, as a consortium member, I presented the design, engineering, and production plans to potential investors, aiming to secure £500 million in investment.


Tutor in MA Vehicle Design and MA Intelligent Mobility 

Royal College of Art

Dates Employed Oct 2012 – Dec 2017

Employment Duration 5 years 3 months

Location London

Personal tutor in MA Intelligent mobility

The MA Intelligent Mobility is a 15-month, 240-credit program that succeeds the existing MA Vehicle Design. Launched in 2017/18 alongside the Intelligent Mobility Lab, a multidisciplinary research center dedicated to the future of transportation design, systems, and urban mobility, the MA Intelligent Mobility program aims to position the RCA at the forefront of the 'third age' of automotive design.

During my time at the RCA, I contributed to projects with OEMs such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Citroën, MG, Renault, and JLR. Additionally, I played a significant role in helping many students secure positions in design studios at various OEMs around the world.

Head of design

The Lonville Watch Company SA

Dates Employed Jan 2011 – 2014

Employment Duration 4 years

Location, Lugano Switzerland

Designer of the G24 

The 24 hours of Le Mans is the ultimate endurance test of man and machine. A magical place where some of the most illustrious drivers and marques have written their part of car racing history. In 2011 Gabriele Gardel was wearing a Lonville G24 prototype when he crossed the finish line with nearly 300km/h to win his class.

A magical moment for Lonville, and we decided to construct just 24 watches, one for each hour of that famous race. Matthew Humphries, creator of the totally unqiue Morgan Aeromax, has designed the G24.

A unique multi layer dial design with a black vertical ‘straight’ central bridge which is symbolic of the way Gabriele described the Le Mans dark nighty-time circuit.

The 40mm titanium case is PVD treated to a black colour featuring both brushed as well as polished surfaces. Lugs and rotor have hollow spaces to save weight, just like that winning Le Mans car.

The LV2 automatic movement is COSC certified and features an autonomy of 120 hours delivered by two barrels. Exceptional finished levels with perlage, Cotes de Geneve and blue engraving.



Chief designer

Morgan Motor Company

Dates Employed Apr 2004 – Dec 2012

Employment Duration 8 years 9 months

Location Malvern


I Started at Morgan Motor Company as a student on a work placement. Whilst on placement in design the Morgan Aeromax, the first ever concept car to come out of the Morgan gates and the first coupe for over 30 years. The concept car was launched at the Geneva Auto Show in 2005 and was so popular that the decision was made to produce 100 limited edition production vehicles. At this point, I was asked to join Morgan as its Head of Design and establish an in-house design studio – Morgan Design.


After the success of the Aeromax concept car, I took the concept vehicle to production working closing with all elements of design, engineering and manufacture to produce 100 Aeromax production vehicles. I also worked closely with all 100 customers to design of there bespoke specifications. As the Chief designer I was also involved with the majority of Vehicle launches at Geneva motor show, Ville dest’e concourse, Goodwood festival of speed and Pebble beach talking with Press and customers to help achieve sales success.


I successfully designed and managed projects from sketch to production for the


Production cars,

  • Morgan 4 seater

  • Morgan classic Sport range

  • Morgan AeroMax

  • Morgan Aero super sports (launched at Ville Dest’e concourse by myself)

  • Morgan Aero coupe

  • Morgan 3 wheeler

  • Morgan Plus 8



Concept cars

  • Morgan Aero super sports (launched at Ville Dest’e concourse by myself)

  • Morgan Life Car, (launched at Ville Dest’e concourse by myself)

  • Eva GT (launched at pebble beach concourse by myself)


One off commission

  • Mike Cobler Morgan Aero Super sports special


During my eight years at Morgan, I established and managed the in-house design studio, 'Morgan Design.' This studio was responsible for all vehicle designs, as well as Morgan's brand design, show stand design, and build at events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Geneva Auto Show. Additionally, I oversaw the creation of all marketing materials, brochures, online content, and website designs.

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Just some of the clients we have worked with.

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