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Shown in the gallery below, are some bespoke design projects MHD has been commissioned to design. MHD’s bespoke automotive design services’ are aimed at individuals and manufacturers wanting to re-build or re-style existing vehicles, or to develop current product ranges through exterior and interior spec options.

The First vehicle is a one off special Morgan aero super sports ( Mike Cobbler Edition). The car has wider rear wings to accommodate the wheel spats and bespoke metal cases that strapped to the rear boot panel. Bespoke vented bonnets with vents details and meany interior special parts to finish off.

The Lagonda LG45 project (shown below), used a vintage Lagonda chassis as the base of an all-new exterior and interior MHD body design. The body was hand-crafted by an MHD partner in aluminium after a variety of design iterations had been developed by MHD.

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