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MHD does not just design sports cars. We embrace the challenge to design all forms of transport from small-scale single-user transport such as fold up ev scooters to large ev vending vans and beyond.

Some of the projects below expose the variety of some of the commercial vehicle projects we have been involved in.

The first project show is an EV Last mile delivery Van.

This was an existing real-world problem design program. The concept was to develop a lightweight, easy-to-manufacture at low-cost, last-mile EV delivery van that could utilise the UTV regulations for the road.

Enabling a low-cost EV van for the city that could be used for delivering food, coffee/ food truck or even used a brand promotion tool.

The concept used a flax fibre frame that was a- symmetric so it could used for both sides, to reduce manufacturing and tooling costs, combined with a simple tubular style chassis with swap-out battery pack system. This would enable 24-hour use with the whole truck being on charge.

If you have a project in mind, that you think MHD could help with or would like to discuss a future concept please email or call Matthew anytime.

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