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Introducing the Ferrari SP2/Testa Rossa Coupe Concept

Our mission was clear: enhance the usability of the Ferrari SP2 Monza without compromising its doors, wings, and the rear wing panel. The challenge? Integrate a sleek screen and roof within the existing framework, allowing space for a wiper externally and HVAC vents on the interior side of the screen.

Inspired by the timeless Neil Twyman Ferrari GTE Testa Rossa, our design marries the SP2 Monza with a bespoke hard top, drawing influence from the Neil Twyman Ferrari GTE Testa Rossa's distinctive aesthetic with its one off hard top. The roof's volume and the iconic Testa Rossa front wings seamlessly merge into the SP2 Monza's DNA.

Behold the result – a design featuring twin gull-wing roof doors for enhanced accessibility. The interior panel surrounding the seats undergoes a strategic transformation, accommodating the windshield, HVAC vents, and mounting points on the roll hoops to secure the innovative roof in place.

Now, all that awaits is the discerning Ferrari collector with a spare SP2, ready to embark on a journey with us. Imagine the possibilities – the new interior panel, roof, and front wings crafted in lightweight carbon fibre by our esteemed manufacturing and engineering partners. This vision is not just an automotive dream; it's an invitation to elevate the SP2 Monza experience, marrying form with function for those who appreciate the fusion of tradition and innovation.

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